KEEP COOL® Curve Combi II now available

keep cool combi

  • Elegant and modern design 
  • 1-glass solution
  • 625 mm or 1250 mm glass modules
  • Plastic parts in RAL 7015, RAL 7046 or RAL 9005
  • LED solutions available  

KEEP COOL® Curve Combi II is a stylish and functional glass cover for combi cabinets.

The glass cover is fitted by means of a mounting plate on the upper part of the combi cabinet. By using the upper cabinet as fixation base, it becomes technically possible to install KEEP COOL® Curve Combi II on almost any combi cabinet.

Consequently, combi cabinets which until now could only be covered with conventional glass covers with sideways operation (the so-called "slide" system) may now be covered with a modern, user-friendly "push-pull" glass cover with better access to the goods.

KEEP COOL® Curve Combi II is easily retrofit on any combi cabinet, and as a new service we have supplemented our fitting instruction with video clips, showing the procedure of each step. The video clips are available by scanning QR codes indicated in the fitting instruction. (The fitting instruction is available for download from our download centre.

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KEEP COOL® Curve Combi II variants

keep cool Combi variants


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