Food Safety

When you install glass covers:

  • The temperatures stay low and stable, which ensures a correct and safe core temperature of the food
  • The heat-reflecting low-energy glass protect the top layer from the harmful infra-red heat rays, which leads to a substantial reduction of the bacteria development in refrigerated meat products
  • The defrosting cycle is reduced by up to 87%, protecting the products from damage due to frost and dehydration
  • The products are protected from dirt and grime, which assures an improved general hygiene



How it works:  Food protection with KEEP COOL® sliding glass covers

Bacteria development in meat products: 

In open refrigerator displays, the core temperature of the top layer is 4-5° higher than the surrounding air.

Since the surrounding air is typically between 2-5° in an open refrigerator display, the core temperature of the top layer will be between  6-10°.

In meat products, bacteria develop rapidly at temperatures above 5°, which leaves great conditions for bacteria development in refrigerated meat.

Source: The Danish Food Administration



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Report: Bacteria Development in Refrigerated Food
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